What are Deemed Rates? 

Deemed Rates apply when you move into a premise where we're the existing supplier and you haven't agreed a Fixed Term Contract with us.
In these cases you can get a better deal by getting in touch with us.
We'll also contact you with options to move to one of our other price plans or an alternative that is suitable for your business. 

What is Extended Supply?

If your fixed term contract with us comes to an end and you haven't agreed a renewal with us or provided a termination notice, you will be placed on our Extended Supply Rates. If you would like to discuss a new Fixed Term Contract please get in touch with us.

Hudson Deemed and Extended Supply Rates

Electricity - Rates apply from the 1st of November, 2018

Meter Type

Standing Charge (p/day)

Availability Charge (p/kVA/day) 

Unit Rate 1 (p/kWh) 

Unit Rate 2 (p/kWh) 

NHH Single Rate* 45 NA  23.38   
NHH 2 Rate  45  NA  24.49 19.51
HH LV 600  21.11 14.31
HH HV  600  22.55 15.34

*all non-standard multi-rates will be charged at this rate

Gas - Rates apply from the 1st of May 2016

 AQ/EUC Band

AQ Between 

Standing Charge (p/day) 

Unit Rate (p/kWh)

 Band 1 1 - 73,200  123.3  5.467 
Band 2 and 3  73,201 - 732,000 129 7.182 
Band 4+  732,000+  384.9  7.182